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About Frilans Finans

Frilans Finans - an organisation for umbrella contractors

Frilans Finans is Sweden’s largest umbrella company. Our mission is to enable people to conduct business in an easy, fun and safe way. We have, since the inception in 1999 helped more than 70,000 umbrella contractors to invoice without starting there own business. In the beginning mostly freelancers, but today people in all kinds of industries, both in Sweden and abroad.

Employees at Frilans Finans


The administration also called Client support, is the heart of our business. They strives to provide our umbrella contractors advice and support to enable them to operate and develop their businesses. To provide the best possible support, our employees have extensive knowledge in areas such as the deductible and the unemployment issues.

We can communicate with our own employees in seven different languages. We like challenges and enjoy solving problems. It is a good and warm atmosphere in the group, and we are close to laughter. We care about each other and our umbrella contractors – it should be fun to go to work.


The IT department is responsible for both the development and maintenance of all systems and tools, including the invoice tool our umbrella contractors use to create invoices. We strive to provide the best and simplest technical solutions for those who wish to work as umbrella contractors. At the IT department, cooperation is the key to support the umbrella contractors as well as other departments in the company. We have different backgrounds, experience and expertise, but a strong common interest in technology.


The smallest department, finance and marketing, consists of a total of six people. The main goal at marketing is to create awareness and generate interest in Frilans Finans and umbrella contracting. The Finance Department is a small team that works closely with each other. Whats special about the financial department is that they administer accounts in many different professions.

stephen bw

Stephen Schad, CEO

+4672 240 36 05



lars bw

Lars Bengtsson, CFO

+4676 001 26 98



marcus bw

Marcus Jonsson, CMO

+4670 513 66 48



mikaelwestoo bw

Mikael Westöö, CTO




Mats Ottosson bw

Mats Ottosson, CEO Invoicery Business





Christian Rähn, HR-adviser




anders bw

Anders Stenberg, Country Adviser Norway

+47 22 42 21 00



invociery_sophie-profileSophie Ianni, Country Adviser France





Sanna Sandberg, Country Adviser Finland

Work with us

We are an organization of 32 people whose culture is permeated by the desire to help each other and our umbrella contractors. We get energy from our umbrella contractors and the benefits our business creates, for them and for society. Take a look at our vacancies or send us an open application.

About Frilans Finans

mats mellan

We believe in people’s ability to create.

We know that being creative is fun, inspiring and enriching (for all of us). Therefore we’ve committed to providing good conditions making it possible for people to create/do their thing easily and safely and get power (control) over their own work.

Power is a word that may sound hard. But what we mean is, for example, that from the profits that generate from your work, you should get a fair share. We also believe that you should have the right to participate in the planning and decision as to what you will work with and how your work will be performed.

Stephen Schad, CEO

Lisa Anckarman

In the mid-1990s Stephen Schad had an artist agency company.

Stephen had won their confidence by having good control of taxes and administration. Some musicians and artists asked Stephen if he, with some percentage of the fee, also could help them with their administration. Stephen jumped at the proposal, and the first umbrella contractor deal was made.

Eventually, the organization changed its name to Frilans Finans and the number of umbrella contractors grew to thousands. Today, more than 70 000 people in all types of industries have an account with Frilans Finans. But the purpose of the business is still the same as in the beginning; making it possible for the umbrella contractors to use their creativity and energy to what you want and are good at, and avoid thinking about management, taxes, debt collection and insurance.



Some numbers

Full time employees: 32 (2016)

Account holders: ca 55 000 (2016)

Sent invoices: ca 302 000 (2016)

Number of professions: ca 1 500

Countries that our umbrella contractors invoiced from (2016): 16 (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Thailand, Spain, United States, Malaysia, Ghana)

Our offices

Frilans Finans is an international organization ready to help you to do business in many countries. Please contact us for more information, or if the country you are interested in is missing on the map.