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Invoicing without your own company

Invoicing without a company should be just as safe, stable and easy as employment. That's why we take care of the paperwork, pensions and lots of other things we know you find boring but important. We help you be independent, but never alone.
  • Sweden's leading umbrella contractor company
  • Free account creation - invoice whenever you want
  • Fastest to pay wages at no extra cost

This is how it works

Frilans Finans offers a simple alternative to starting a business. Self-employment gives you the opportunity to invoice without having to start your own business.


You find assignments

Create account

Begin by creating an account. It’s free and comes with no strings attached, but allows you to access Frilans Finans whenever you want and however you want.


You create an invoice

Invoice as a private individual

Easily create an invoice in our invoice tool. We send the invoice to your customer and take care of all the paperwork, such as paying taxes, employer’s contributions and pensions.


We take care of everything else

Salary ready within 5 working days

If your customer has no remarks, the salary will be paid within five business days even if the invoice has not been paid yet. With express, you can get paid within 24 hours.

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Customized Invoice tool

RUT and ROT, change VAT rate, make deductions, per diem, travel allowance, save for holidays, work abroad - everything is possible if you have the need.

Create account

Calculate salary or find out how much you need to invoice

Invoice today and get paid


Your age affects:

  • Employer’s contribution
  • Saving for your occupational pension
10 000
5 112 kr
4 803
309 kr
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  • Frilans Finans will, from 1 April 2022, automatically deduct savings to your occupational pension every time you create an invoice if you are aged between 25-65. This is so that your pension (when the time comes) does not differ significantly from the salary you received as an umbrella employed person.
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  • Comprehensive insurance
  • We take care of payroll
  • Personal service
4 214 kr
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  • Income tax is a direct tax on your income based on the tax bracket you have (usually around 30%) according to the Tax Agency’s rules. In the calculator we have calculated 30% income tax.
  • Employer’s contribution/AGI is a statutory fee on the payment of wages, which is paid to the Tax Agency. The employer’s contribution finances Swedish social security schemes such as the general pension.
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Safe and easy for You and your customers

With us, you can feel safe when you invoice without your own company. Since 1999, we’ve made it possible for more than 150,000 umbrella contractors to do their thing. Today, we are Sweden’s leading umbrella company.

  • The fastest in the market to pay out wages. Normally within 5 business days
  • Authorised umbrella company, ensuring a solid and good business
  • Client support is available to answer all your questions
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Download Frilans Finans app

At Frilans Finans, we continuously work to make life as a umbrella contractor as easy and safe as possible. That's why we're delighted that Frilans Finans is now available as an app in the App Store and Google Play! The app is continuously updated with new features, so don't hesitate to get in touch with both praise and criticism, or suggestions for new features.

We are here for you Contact us

As an umbrella contractor at Frilans Finans, you have access to the largest consulting team in the industry.

We have our visitor centre at Gamla Brogatan 13 i Stockholm. You are always welcome here if you have questions, need to borrow a meeting room or a place to work from during the day.

Our postal address is Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 13 752 37 Uppsala.

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You can reach us by phone

You can reach us by phone

We can help you by phone, email and chat on weekdays from 09:00-17:00. The chat is also open on Sundays from 15:00 to 20:00.

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You can reach us by phone

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Advisory specialists Different areas

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Start your own business or Invoice as an individual person?

Umbrella employment Invoicing through Frilans Finans without your own company. Individual firm Starting and running your own business as a individual firm. Limited company Starting and running your own business as a limited company.
Avoid ongoing bookkeeping and annual financial statements? Ja Nej Nej
No need to tie up 25 000 SEK in share capital? Ja Ja Nej
Is basic insurance cover included? * Ja Nej Nej
Is personal service via Frilans Finance's advisory team included? Ja Nej Nej
Possibility to withdraw dividends at a lower tax rate than for salary withdrawals? Nej Nej Ja

Frilans Finans An organisation for umbrella contractors

Sweden's leading umbrella employment company with stable finances since 1999.

Frilans Finans is Sweden’s largest umbrella employment company. Since its start in 1999, we have enabled more than 70,000 people to invoice without their own company. In the beginning mainly freelancers, but today we have umbrella contractors in almost all types of professions. Both inside and outside of Sweden.

At Frilans Finans, we believe in people’s ability to create and run businesses. It is and should be fun, inspiring and enriching. Our mission is therefore to make it possible for people to easily and confidently control and gain power over their own work.

Many people express that they want to be able to “invoice without a company” or “invoice without f-tax”. They want to do the right thing and pay taxes and social security contributions, but avoid the administrative work that comes with starting and running your own company. As an umbrella contractor with Frilans Finans, you choose which assignments you want, when the work is to be done, and what remuneration you will receive. At the same time, you don’t have to think about administration and paperwork and can put all your energy into what you enjoy, the business itself. You get to do your thing.